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Michael Jackson
The King of Pop, Michael Joe Jackson, and singer, songwriter and dancer, was also known for his eccentricities. The singer joined the artistic career at age 5. His father, JosephJackson, worked as a laborer and had been part of inexpressive musical groups.In 1965, decided to create a band with five of his nine children, the Jackson Five, formed by Michael, Jackie, Tito, Marlonand Randy. The group won a talent contest at a school with the song "My Girl".The Jackson Five came to the country's musical history by being the first band formed by blacks to succeed. In 1971, at age13, Michael recorded a solo single, "Got To Be There" and the following year released the album "Ben." Two years later, he stood out with "Music and me". In 1975, the brothers changed the group nameto "The Jacksons".Michael released his first album alone "Of The Wall" in 1978. In 1982, he released "Thriller" produced by Quincy Jones. The album was a bestseller in the world (it is one of therecord-breaking sales to date) and the star has won eight Grammys in one go. In 1984, he recorded the album "Victory", with his brothers, and participated in the song "We Are The World" with otherartists, in aid to the African people.The personal life of Michael Jackson has prompted speculation that he had plastic surgery to change the face and skin color, despite the singer's claim to have vitiligo(a disease that causes spots on the body). Michael bought a ranch in California which he called "Neverland" (Neverland), with an amusement park and minizoológico.Away from music production, the artistbegan working in 1986, with filmmakers George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola, which won him a film that was exhibited until 1998 in the Disney parks. In 1987, he recorded the album "Bad", whichreached only half the sales of "Thriller."In 1992, ended its partnership with Quincy Jones and released "Dangerous." The song "Black or White" was praised for the quality, but the clip was criticized by...
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