High society

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Today’s society care a lot about appearances. I think sometimes people prefer being pretty than healthy. To them, the truly happiness is onbeing famous and rich. If this idea continues on people’s mind, they can’t be happy anymore. Being famous is a chance in a million. There are athousand famous people in all the 6 billions of people who live on Earth, how can they live thinking on it? If they care too much about it, theycan’t be happy for sure. Why can’t a normal people be happy without fast cars and a 4 million square feet mansion? Why do we need a title like“Sir”, or something like that, to be happy. It is necessary that people around the world start enjoying their life, because we only have one, and itwill not last forever.
Another bad thing is that the distribution of the world’s money isn’t balanced, and there are people with everything,and people starving, with no luxury or froth, fighting for their survival every day in life. If money was balanced, we won’t see “socialclasses”. Most of the high classes don’t care even a little about poor people. Don’t they have lots of money? So give it to someone who needs it to buyfood or somewhere to live in. As they say here in Portugal “Vozes de burro nao chegam ao céu”, and this means that no one will care about thistext. I wasn’t even thinking on sending a message to anyone, I only did this text because I wanted to write about it, and this is my opinion.
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