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Ocean Beach, San Francisco, California

Ocean Beach is a beach that runs along the west coast of San Francisco, California, United States, atthe Pacific Ocean. It is adjacent to Golden Gate Park, the Richmond District and the Sunset District. The Great Highway runs alongside the beach, and Cliff House and the site of the former Sutro Baths sitat the northern end. The beach is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which is administered by the National Park Service.
During the late spring and summer, the beach is frequentlyenveloped in San Francisco's characteristic foggy weather, resulting in average temperatures of 50 - 55 °F (9 - 12 °C) and discouraging visitation by tourists and beach goers. However, the beach ispopular with surfers, and bonfire parties. More beach-friendly weather occurs in late fall and early spring, when fog is less prevalent. On November 6th, 2011, Ocean Beach played site of a monumentalachievement in the sport of surfing. In the Rip Curl Pro, surfing contest, the legendary Kelly Slater won his unprecedented 11th ASP world championship at the age of 39. This was the only 1 of his 11championships won in the continental US.
The water at Ocean Beach is noteworthy for its strong currents and waves, which makes it popular among serious surfers. The water is cold, due to in part, to aprocess known as upwelling, in which frigid water from below the ocean surface rises up to replace the surface water that moves away from the beach as a result of the Coriolis effect. The rapid ripcurrents and cold water make the ocean dangerous for casual swimmers or even for those who simply want to set foot in it, and swimmers have been swept away and drowned. The beach is one of the Bay Area'stop surfing spots. The southern portion of the beach by Sloat Boulevard is one of the cleanest in the state.
Surfers and other swimmers...