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RI - Table of Contents

Introduction to RI
Description of the Payables Processes
Overview of the suppliers Management
Overview of the AP &RI Configuration
Enter a Fiscal Note in RI
Approve a Fiscal Note in RI
Import Invoices from Lara Intermodal
Query a Fiscal Note in RI
Revert a Fiscal Note in RI
Update the Fiscal Information ofa Fiscal Note in RI
Run the interface between RI and AP
Query & Update & Validate the invoices in AP
Process Flow RI > AP > GL > AP
Prepayment Application in AP
Interface withMastersaf
Tax Reconciliation with Mastersaf and Tax Payments

RI - Introduction

RI = Oracle Brazilian Integrated Receiving

RI is a specific module mandatory for all Oracle implementation inBrazil. This module permits to be compliant the Brazilian legislation and all Brazilian fiscal requirements.

This module is interfaced with Oracle Payables.

RI - Description of the PayablesProcesses

All fiscal notes or all documents related to suppliers (including employees and tax authorities) must be entered in RI.

If some of them can be entered directly in AP (in case of notaxes), it has been decided to standardize the supplier invoices entry to avoid confusion and errors.

We can design the following steps:

Scan of the invoice with Imaging tool
Enter manually andApprove the invoice in RI or import the invoices from Lara (automatically approved because there is no tax for invoices coming from Lara)
Import the invoices from RI to AP
Control and validate theinvoices
Approve the invoices
Pay the invoices
Centralize the invoices and payments to GL
Run some checkings before running the Mastersaf interface
Run the interface with Mastersaf

Quick overview ofsuppliers management.

Review of the tax suppliers

Review of the regular suppliers