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Hector the true hero in the Iliad
Hector is the true hero in the Iliad. He fights with a lot of courage for Troy. Hector is a character that is definitely a family man; always showing his love forhis wife and son. He is the leader of the Trojan army and everyone in Troy has a lot of respect for Hector. The brave warrior sacrifices his life in the battle for the people of Troy.
Hector is acharacter that cares a lot about his wife and son, he is a family man. When Hector sees his son before coming back to war again he says, “Zeus, all you immortals! Grant this boy, my son, may be likeme, first in glory among the Trojans, strong and brave like me, and rule all Troy in power and one day let them say, ‘He is a better man than his father!”(Homer 211). At this moment Hector was prayingto Zeus, he definitely loves his son a lot. Hector cares more about his son than himself. All this affections are reciprocal by his family. When Hector comes to talk with Andromache, she says, “You,Hector-you are my father now, my noble mother, a brother too, and you are my husband young warm and strong! Pity me please! Take your stand on the rampart here, before you orphan your son and make yourwife a widow” (Homer 210). Hector is certainly a great husband and father.
Hector is an example and leader for all the Trojans. He would do everything possible to save Troy. When Andromache asks forhim not to fight with Achilles, Hector says, “All the weights are in my mind too, dear woman. But I would die of shame to face the men of Troy and the Trojan trailing their long robes if I wouldshrink from battle now, a coward”(Homer 210). For Hector, the Trojan people are really important; he would never let them down. Hector is a real hero. Unlike Achilles, who fights for himself and entersthe Trojan War to glorify and immortalize his name, Hector fights for his homeland and family. Achilles says to Thetis, “Mother tells me, the immortal goddess Thetis with her glistening feet, that two...
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