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Instructor: Julio De Oliveira
Date: August 1, 2011
Theme: Poverty/Wealth
Type: Integrated Lesson
Skills Practiced: Adjectives

Class Goal: To discuss issues surrounding poverty and wealth through an integration of reading, grammar, speaking and listening in a respectful andnon-discriminatory manner.

Personal Goal: Have students learn by hearing, seeing and speaking through a creative, hands-on approach.

Warm-Up: (T-Ss)Money is a powerful thing. Whether you have a lot or a little, it influences your daily life in some way.

-What if we all had the same amount of money? How would thatlook? How would that make you feel?

--Give out handout packet to each student.

Preview Activity 1: (T-S) (Show a picture of a homeless man and abusinessman )

With your partner look at these pictures and discuss the differences between them.
For example, I think that one is rich and has everything and the other doesn’t have much.Vocabulary:
1. loaded (adj)- How do we usually describe a car that has all the equipment options installed.
-What other things can you think of that can be loaded?2. extreme/s (n) what do we call the most remote part of a city? That is the farthest.
What are some extreme part of the earth you can think of?3. resource/s (n)- what do we call something that can be used for support or contains an available supply that can be drawn on when needed?
-What kind of resources do you use to get yournews information?
4. demanding (adj)- my boss takes his job very seriously and wants everyone to be at their best. What is the word to describe my boss?
-What else can...