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Course Objective
Welcome to class! This course will provide a solid understanding of sustainable development (SD) and the implications of SD on marketing strategy and marketing plan development.This will include a thorough understanding of the emerging principles of SD marketing and how to apply them; gaining organizational buy in; building SD marketing plans; implications for branding;implications for strategic planning. Students will be required to develop and present an SD marketing plan.
The course is designed to build skills: to apply to your current job in marketing orenvironmental management; to prepare for career shift to fast growing areas of green marketing and sustainable development: to stay up on latest developments in strategic marketing; and to provide insights onhow to gain support for SD in your organization.
Bulletin Description

Green, or environmental, marketing is being replaced by sustainable development (SD) marketing—sometimes called the three Ps(people, planet, and profit). Corporations must move to embrace SD in order to survive in the 21st century. Today’s successful marketers must learn new skills that apply SD principles to strategicmarketing and branding. This course covers: the principles of SD, the factors leading to SD, how globalization and urbanization is pushing us toward SD at hyper speed, implications for strategic marketingand branding; the 10 commandments of SD marketing; today’s landscape—the leaders and the laggards. Includes guest lecturers and case studies

Strategic Marketing Management/X50.9235… or at least 3 years of marketing management experience.

This course is applicable toward: Certificate in Marketing Management

Class Description
The classes will be a combination of lectures,class discussions, case studies, guest lectures from practitioners and a final real-world SD marketing communications solution. Emphasis will focus on tangible knowledge, application, and results...