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it's summertime in verona.
the city is busy and colorful because there is a street fair in the paizza maggiore. young ladies take this opportunity to step outside houses. the boys gather aroundthe fountain.
summer is usually warm in verona, but when boys meet girls it can get really hot.
thursday morning at the piazza maggiore.
Romeo - oh, Mercutio, waiting is so awful. were's myadorable lilly? will she come this morning? have you seen her?
Mercutio - no, I haven't seen your love. by the way, why don't you tell her what you feel about her and stop mooing around all oververona? but look who's coming!
Romeo - oh, no! there's tybald and his disgusting friends.
tybald approaches with two friends.
tybald - (Sarcastically) well, well, well! isn't this romeamontague, the best flute player in town?... still taking flute lessons?
Romeo - yes, and I'm doing fine. i'm going to play in the festival the day after tomorrow.
tybald - you?! in thefestival?! Ha! HA! HA!... in the great festival? you're kidding... did you hear that, pals? romeo bowl head is going to play in the festival!
romeo - shut your mouth, you jerk! i'll get you!
romeo hitstybald in the face. in a few minutes a bloody fight is going on in the middle off the piazza maggiore.
juliet and her nanny come around the corner.
nanny - oh, lord! the boys are fightingagain!
juliet - that's ridiculous! I'll show therem how to behave in public places.
nanny - but, lady juliet, there are five of them.
juliet - don't worry. they're only five stupid boys.some minutes later juliet has knocked all boys out.
juliet - what a shame! is this the way to behave in front of ladies, gentlemen?
tybald - i'm sorry, causin juliet.
juliet - look at you,tybald! now, go home! as for you, romeo...
romeo - cut that out, general juliet, i don't want to listen to you. i hate you!
juliet - i hate you too!
a few minutes later in the capulets'...