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  • Publicado : 28 de fevereiro de 2013
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In nowdays, tourism activities became one of the main engines of the world economy, being in full expansion. This activity has like characteristics appropriation and consumption ofterritory, became this in goods valued in the contemporary, creating new territorialities. The school work has the goal to analyse the new territorialities presented in Panorama town located in São PauloState, starting from impacts provoked by the formation of the artificial lake in the Paraná River, emphasizing the tourism and leisure. Panorama passeb by big transformations which were motivated by theconstruction of Sergio Mota Hydroelectric. Locaten in Porto Primavera town in São Paulo State, which answers the global logics, being that their demonstrations and impacts ocurr in the local town.Among the constructions analyzed in the present work school, it is The Mario Covas Bridge which makes the connection betwwen Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo States, which proportioned new flows. Theseconstructions were analyzed on the theoretical side of Milton Santos, considered engineering systems.
Many factors point to that Panora presented big potencial to have installed the tourismactivities.The tourism activities and the leisure become one of the main economy activities in Panorama town. Activity devised by the managers of territory and by the Companhia Elétrica do Estado de São Paulo(CESP) were potentiated by the marketing, in the created of turistics points and their sold. This activity shows in a way so perverse and contradictory, as in the economic scope as in the social one,which can be the exit to development and also the door to increase the inequality. To achievement of this work school it was performed fieldwork, bibliography research and weather and territory analyzethrough the historic and photographics of the town. Through of the support of theoretical and methodological, it allowed to understand the new territories dynamics that installed in this town, and...
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