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|Term |Definition |
|Common Object Request |A standard from The Object Management Group (OMG) for communicating between distributed objects. |
|Broker Architecture |Executes program modules no matter what language the routines are written in or what platform they |
|(CORBA)|reside in, eliminating the need to program the client application to handle the networking details. |
| |The client makes a request to a common interface known as the object request broker (ORB); the ORB |
| |directs the request to the appropriate server that contains the object, and redirects the results |
||back to the client. |
|Computer-Telephony |(1) Refers to systems that enable a computer to act as a call center, accepting incoming calls and |
|Integration |routing them to the appropriate device or person. CTI systems continue to become increasingly |
|(CTI)|sophisticated and can handle all sorts of incoming and outgoing communications, including phone |
| |calls, faxes, and Internet messages. (Source: Webopedia) (2) The software, hardware and programming |
| |necessary to integrate computers and telephones so they can work together seamlessly and |
||intelligently. (Source: ICMI Call Center Glossary) (3) Enabling computers to know about and control |
| |telephony functions such as making and receiving voice, fax, and data calls, telephone directory |
| |services, and caller identification. The integration of telephone and computer systems and is a major|
| |development in theevolution of the automated office. (Source: |
|Customer Relationship |Enterprise-wide software applications that allow companies to manage every aspect of their |
|Management |relationship with a customer. The aim of these systems is to assist in building lasting customer |
|(CRM) |relationships. Customerinformation that is acquired from sales, marketing, customer service, and |
| |support is captured and stored in a centralized database. The system may provide data-mining |
| |facilities, and also may be integrated with other systems such as accounting and manufacturing. |
| |(Source: FOLDOC)|
|Electronic Data |(1) The application-to-application exchange of machine-readable data in standard format with standard|
|Interchange |content. (2) The electronic communication of business transactions, such as orders, confirmations and|
|(EDI) |invoices, between organizations. EDI implies directcomputer-to-computer transactions into vendors' |
| |databases and ordering systems. Proprietary EDI uses value-added networks (VANs) as the transport |
| |mechanism for the data. 'Open EDI' uses the Internet as the transport mechanism. |
|Interactive Voice |(1) A telecommunications system, prevalent with PBX and voicemail systems, that uses a prerecorded |
|Response |database of voice messages to present options to a user, typically over telephone lines. User input |
|(IVR) |is retrieved via DTMF tone key presses. When used in conjunction with voice mail, for example, these |
| |systems typically allow users to store, retrieve, and route messages,...
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