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I. Who would buy Fitbandz
A. The concerned for the health of our children. Parents and other elders have a responsibility in ensuring that children learn to care for their health. They need to bethought about basic health principles early on in life. One of the most fundamental principles that need to be ingrained into children is healthy eating habits. In order to make changes, thesituation must first be assessed. This can be done by assessing the eating habits of children for a week. FitBandz can further enhance this process by giving a more accurate description of the state that thechild’s health is in.
1. Parents
a. Parents need to be responsible for bringing order into their lives. What parents do in their formative years will have a lasting impact in their adultlife. Parents have to realize that they are not depriving their child of that chocolate or the ice-cream. There is a time and place for it.
b. FitBandz will help parents take further control oftheir children’s health by making monitoring them very practical.
2. Schools
a. Schools should be a national focus since they're where children spend up to half of their waking hours andconsume between a third and half of their daily calories.
b.  It’s a great tool in fighting the obesity epidemic. It tells kids, in real time, “Am I active? Am I not active?” We want to give kidsthe opportunity to become active.
3. Children’s organizations (YMCA, Youth Clubs, etc.)
a. Childhood obesity is a national crisis, and a local one as well, the YMCA has partnered withfirst lady Michelle Obama to help launch its new objectives. As part of the YMCA's new initiative, it plans to establish with parents a minimum amount of time for physical activity for their childrenand provide educational programs regarding nutrition, in addition to making some nutritional changes in-house, including serving water and fresh fruits and vegetables in its child care program....
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