Gilgamesh and immortality

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The focus of this epic story goes beyond the narrative of travels, adventures and struggles, and the fears and dreams of the protagonist: It is an apprentice of friendship, love, feelings of revenge,oppression, repentance, and above all, the disappearance or oblivion after death; which later is what takes Gilgamesh to a strange and desperate, but not useless search for the immortality. Notuseless because it was when he searched for it, he then realized that immortality is not found through living forever, but through fame, through legacy. Throughout the epic story of Gilgamesh, he finallyrealized that it is about what legacy you left to your people, and how people are going to remember you.
Gilgamesh ended up building his own city (Uruk), his people had him as a shepherd, and he wasthe king, tall and strong with long hair. Does he have the right to take advantage of his power of being a king, and not treating his people in the way they deserved to be treated? For instance, the“Prima Nocte”, which was given to him, it was all because he was the creator and king of Uruk. So, he slept with every new bride before their husband could enjoy their honeymoon. But how is Gilgameshthe great king if he does not really care about his people? All his greatest features; being a wild bull, a Warrior-king, A divine creature (2/3 divine, 1/3 human), it all did not mean anything, if hedid not know how to take care of his own people, if he did not have compassion for others.
The importance of a friendship in this story is extremely significant because it changes the image ofGilgamesh, it taught him to have compassion, and to be loyal to people, by dealing with his friendship with Enkidu. Even though Enkidu was a Beastly character that learned from the wild animals, and had noculture, he had compassion; he cared about people, differently than Gilgamesh. In the story it states, “Enkidu stood still. [listening to what he said], He shuddered and [sat down…]Tears filled his...