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What Is New in Version 2.25?

1. Features and Enhancements:

New Reverse Engineering Dialog

· Automatic saving of settings under new alias name.
· Aliases displayed in grid.

HTML Reports· Style preview available on the Generate HTML report dialog.
· Image maps available in the ER diagram.

SQL/DDL Preview

· New DDL tab added to Entity and Relationship dialogs.

TheOptions Dialog Improved (formerly Environment Setup dialog)

· Conversion between databases settings added to the Options dialog.
· Patterns for Text Objects removed (accessible from Text Objects only).· Enabled databases added to the Options dialog.
· Possibility to select default target database.

The Model Properties Dialog Improved

· Possibility to add a link to external documents like*.doc files.

Right-Click Options

· Right click options have been added to left sided OverView tree (for ERD, model, submodels and entities).
· Right-click options have been improved and modifiedin accordance with consistency requirements (dialogs Reverse Engineering, Script Generating, Visible relationships in Submodel and Submodel).

Sybase ASE

· Added support for newer Sybase ASE15.0 ESD #2, Sybase ASE 12.5.3a and Sybase ASE 12.5.4.
· Encryption columns supported, however, Create encryption items are not loaded.

Oracle 10g and Oracle 9i

· Reverse engineering scriptmodifed.
· The Reverse engineering process for Oracle will be concluded by a message: "Process completed" in the Log window. (also Oracle 8).
· The Load all accessible objects "ALL_" checkbox removedfrom the RE dialog. (also Oracle 8).
· Etc.

PostgreSQL 8.1 and PostgreSQL 8.0

· Unique constraints generated via Alter table.
· Modified handling of Serial and BigSerial datatypes andsequences. New checkbox "Load primal serial data types" checkbox added to Reverse engineering dialog.
· New checkbox "Generate Index to Foreign Key" available on the Relationship dialog.
· Etc.