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  • Publicado : 11 de setembro de 2011
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PIC for McKenna Professional Imaging: The Image Box

McKenna Professional imaging was founded in 1969. It is a professional print lab business that works with different photographers in the United States and Canada. Canada, in fact, is a prime opportunity for McKenna because there isn’t any business in Canada that does the specialty printing that McKenna Pro can complete. Itstarted out as a small lab but quickly grew, so a new name and location became necessary. It became McKenna Color Lab but then changed the name to McKenna Professional imaging in 1994. McKenna Professional imaging provides multiple different products used for prints to give a variety for their photographers who then sell the prints to the customers. McKenna Professional does business to businesstransactions instead of business to customer, this means their primary clients are photographers, but McKenna does open up their service to anyone including individuals.
Within the last several years, new cutting edge techniques have been established in the McKenna Professional lab. Using metal as a base for prints is one of the leading techniques that McKenna has specialized in. Metal prints arewhat McKenna Pro is most well-known for, but they also provide regular prints and on a variety of products. McKenna Pro has several different products such as: Journal/notebooks with your print on the cover, brochures/flyers, regular and canvas prints are other products they make. Their slogan is “Not Your Average Pro Lab” ( This statement ties into the company’s missionstatement. It is also the company’s goal to try to provide new products for their costumers as much as they can (interview Mike Moss).

McKenna Professional Imaging is a photography printing company committed to innovation while specializing in creating, the highest quality photo products. Currently, McKenna is in the process of introducing a new product which they call the image box.This is a product that is new to their specific company, as other companies have made a similar product. There are two sources of opportunity which were the key factors behind McKenna’s decision to create this product.
One, there are internal mandates which act within the company as a driving force for this image box as a new product the company wants to pursue. One internal mandate discoveredwas the company desire to introduce new products on a regular basis. Along with this, McKenna wants to position themselves as a leader in new products and have the position as a company with “fresh ideas and the leader in new products” (Personal interview: Mike Moss). Currently, McKenna is ranked in the top ten companies in the US for the imaging industry (Personal interview: Mike Moss).This isbased on gross sales, and there is an internal mandate not only to remain as one of the top ten companies in the US, but to be TOP in the country for imaging. McKenna Professional imaging believes they need to continually be innovative and create new products in order to have the competitive advantage.
Secondly, there are external mandates that act as the driving force behind producing the image box.Mainly, the image box that the McKenna Professional Imaging company is trying to pursue is not the first in its kind. Their close competitor Whitehouse Custom Copies ( has already begun to market image boxes, so McKenna needs to position their image boxes to have an “edge,” while maintaining the lowest prices possible. This leads to the secondexternal mandate driving McKenna, which is the external pressure they are feeling to ensure that the company remains as a leader on the trends in this industry.

Developing an image box, in which customers will keep photo prints in, is a growth opportunity for McKenna. Because, these are already on the market from different imaging companies, it’s critical that McKenna will offer theirs...