Fundamentos de psicopedagogia

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1. One of the main advantages of a matrix organization is :
a. Improved project manager control over resources
b. More than oneboss for project teams
c. Communications are easier
d. Reporting is easier

2. How is a project expeditor different from a project coordinator ?
a. The project expeditor cannotmake decisions
b. The project expeditor can make more decisions
c. The project expeditor reports to a higher-level manager
d. The project expeditor has some authority

3. In aprojectized organization the project team :
a. Reports to many bosses
b. Has no loyalty to the project
c. Reports to the functional manager
d. Will not always have a home

4.During which life cycle phase is the detailed project budget created ?
a. Initiating
b. Before the project management life cycle
c. Planning
d. Executing

5. The projectcharter is created during which life cycle phase ?
a. Executing
b. Planning
c. Closing
d. Initiating

6. A project manager is trying to complete a software development projectbut cannot get enough attention for the project. Resources are focused on completing process-related work and the project manager has little authority to properly assign resources. What form oforganization must the project manager be working in?
a. Functional
b. Matrix
c. Expeditor
d. Coordinator

7. The project team has just completed the initial project schedule andbudget. The NEXT thing to do is:
a. Begin risk identification
b. Begin iterations
c. Determine communications requirements
d. Create a Gantt Chart
8. Bob has very littleproject experience but has been assigned as the project manager of a new project. Because he will be working in a matrix organization to complete his project, he can expect communications to be :
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