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  • Publicado : 4 de abril de 2013
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By Francislene Pereira
I’ve recently I saw a movie Foster (2011) with actors Maurice Cole, Toni Collete and Ian Gruffud ,Richard E. Grant and Jonathan Newman (director).
Thestory revolves around the couple Alec and Zoey who have a problem in their relation and decided have a baby but cannot pregnant. They are going through financial problems, Zoey has small children’sbookstore and Alec has small manufacture children’s toys who inherited from father, but because of crisis economic is almost going broke, leaving Alec sad and worried.
So they decided adopt and the firstvisit of a foster home they met a boy with had hair and want to know his name and he said Eli. They think this way will improve their marriage and a form a family again. Past a few days since a visita foster home, Ali appeared at door of a Zoey’s house and told her that Ms. Jane who a mayor of foster home sent him for a experience for a few days to help their about a adoption. They try contacther, but she stayed at hospital, so they decided accept him.
Zoey and Alec were very surprised with a little boy, always happy and talking a lot of about things that no one children had known, likeeconomic, relations and they were very happy with this. Eli was very different others children, he likes used formal clothes and the way how he speaks were formal too. In first day in the school, Elitook a taxi and went a Alec’s company and saw many toys and took a remote control helicopter and make a little change and Alec were a big surprise and told Eli that he could choose one of toys and Elitook matrioshka (Russian dolls) and appreciate that. Eli saw a picture of a Lego’s city and said that would be funny to visit one day and Alec agreed with Eli but never had an opportunity.
Anotherday, Eli told them that have going to a place but couldn’t tell where were going. Alec looked Zoey and decided accept a little adventure. While Alec was driving Eli was told him the way the help of...