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Answer key
Unit 25 Exercise 1 a. Am / supposed to sign b. Is supposed to take c. Is supposed to study Exercise 2 a. Used to ride b. Is used to studying c. are / used to dancing d. Used to write e. Used to watch Exercise 3 1. a 2. b 3. b 4. a

d. are / supposed to do e. Was supposed to arrive f. Is / supposed to be

f. g. h. i.

Is used to playing Used to hang out Isn’t used to going outUsed to be

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

b b b a b

Unit 26 Exercise 1 a. The policeman who gave me directions was friendly. b. I have a class which begins at 8 o’clock. c. Golf was invented in Scotland, which is a part of Britain. d. The waitress who served us dinner was very polite. e. A lion, which is a mammal, lives in Africa. / A lion is a mammal which lives in Africa. f. I talked to the girl whosecar had broken down in front of the shop. g. I’m going to check the date when the meeting will happen. Exercise 2 a) Einstein, who was a great physicist, was Jewish. He was born in Germany in 1897. He developed an important theory, which is called the theory of relativity. He moved to the USA in 1935 to escape from the Nazis who took over power in Germany. He continued to work in the USA where hedied in 1955. b) Shakespeare, who was a writer, was born in Strafford-on-Avon in 1567, which is a small town in the west of England. Shakespeare wrote many plays which are still performed today. He spent much of his life in London where he worked in a theater as a writer and actor. Unit 27 Exercise 1 a. we’ll be playing; b. the meeting will have finished; c. you’ll still be working; d. she’ll havetraveled; e. will you be seeing; f. Will have cleaned/ will have finished/ will be arriving;

g. I’ll have graduated/ I will be looking/ will be going/ I’ll not have completed/ I’ll also have worked; h. I’ll be staying/ I’ll have been/ You’ll definitely have seen; Unit 28 Exercise 1 a. I wish it were not cold today. / I wish it were hotter. / I wish it were hot today. b. I wish I had hadvacation last year. c. I wish I could have fun this weekend. I wish I would not have to study. d. I wish I lived in a big house/mansion. / I wish I didn’t live in a small house. e. I wish I could sleep more tomorrow. / I wish I could wake up late tomorrow. / I wish I could stay in bed. Exercise 2 a. for b. from c. of d. with e. in Exercise 3 a. Give up b. Got/gotten over c. Looked after d. Put off e.Make up Unit 29 Exercise 1 a. may; b. must; c. Would; d. can’t; e. might; f. Can; g. Could; h. may; i. Would;

f. g. h. i. j.

for about against at on

f. g. h. i.

Found out Broke up Took off Come up

j. must; k. might not; l. should; m. May; n. Could; o. shouldn’t; p. shouldn’t; q. must; r. can’t;

s. should; t. couldn’t; u. Can; v. might; w. must; x. should; y. may; z. can.

Exercise2 a. May she go to the party? b. May I use your car tonight? c. Must they go before the sunset? d. Do you think I should feel better in two hours? e. Might it rain tonight? f. Can Annie do it well? g. Could Paul ice-skate when he was three? Exercise 3 A: Many people take personality tests before they get married. Does this mean that people with different personalities shouldn’t to get married? B:No, not at all. In fact, people with very different personalities can had (have) very good relationships. A: Why do people take the tests then? B: With the test results, couples (are) able to learn about possible trouble areas in their relationships. A: Can you give us an example?

B: Let’s say a couple is looking for an apartment. The woman prefers to move into a modern apartment. She’d notrather (would rather not) spend time fixing up a place. Her boyfriend would rather to fix up a charming old place. One is a thinker, very analytical. The other is a dreamer. A: People like that must have tremendous problems. B: But they also have tremendous possibilities, in this relationship, the thinker mights (might) become more imaginative. The dreamer will can (be able to) become more...
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