Forma afirmativa e negativa no ingles

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Exercise Sheet – Video of Lesson 6

Exercise 1 – Put in the correctform of the verb to be:
1- He is from the United States.
2- They are old friends.
3- I am a student.
4- John is happy today.
5- We are good students.6- Today is Saturday.
7- She and John are dentists.
8- Is she your friend? Yes, she is.

Exercise 2 – Make questions:
a) Are you a doctor ? / Are you an engineer?No, I’m not. I’m a student.
b) Are you from Brazil?
Yes, I am. I’m from Brazil.
c) Is she your sister / Is she beautiful?
No, she isn’t.
d) Where is hefrom?
He is from Argentina.
e) What is his name?
His name is Paulo.

f) What is your name?
My name is Tom.
g) What is hername?
Her name is Amy.
h) Is it hot today?
Yes, it is. It is very hot today.
i) Who is that?
That’s my friend James.
j) Are you teachers?
Yes,we are. My mother and I are teachers.
k) Is Rosa in your classroom?
Yes, Rosa is in my classroom.

Exercise 3 – Answer these questions:
a) Is Tom Cruise a rock singer? No,he isn’t
b) Are you and your teacher Brazilian? Yes, we are
c) Is it difficult to get in a university in Brazil? It depends on the course
d) Are your parents at homenow? Yes, they are / No, they aren’t
e) Is English an important language to learn? Yes, it is
f) Is Bruce Willis a good actor? Yes, he is / No, he isn’t (personal answer)
g)Are you in your last year of school? Yes, I am / No, I’m not (personal answer)
h) Is Brazil a cold country? No, it isn’t. But it is cold only in the southern region.