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There are many ways to defeat java-script protected web
sites. S ome are very simplistic, such as hitting ctl-alt-del
when the password box is displayed, to simply turning off
java capability,which will dump you into t he default page.
You can try manually searching for other directories, by
typing the directory name into the url address box of your
browser, ie: you w ant access . Try typing .(almost ever y web site has an images
directory) This will put you into the images directo ry,
and give you a text list of all the images located there.Often, the t itle of an image will give you a clue to the
name of another directory. ie: in,
there is a .gif named gamestitle.gif . There is a g ood
chance then, that thereis a 'games' directory on the site,
so you wou ld then type in, and if it is
a valid directory, you aga in get a text listing of all thefiles available there.
For a moreautomated a pproach, use a program like WEB SNAKE
from anawave, or Web Wacker. These pro grams will create a
mirror image of an entire web site, showing all director ies,
or even mirror a complete server.They are indispensable for
locating hidden files and directories.
What do you do if you can't get past an openin g "Password
Required" box? First do an WHOIS Lookup for the site. In our
example, . We find it's hosted by
at 100.100.100. 1. We then go to, and then launch \
Web Snake, and mirror the e ntire server. Set Web Snake to NOT
downloadanything over about 20K. (not ma ny HTML pages are
bigger than this) This speeds things up some, and keeps yo u
from getting a lot of files and images you don't care about.
This can take a long time, soconsider running it right before bed time.
Once you have an image of the entire server, you look through
the directories listed, and find /target. When we open that
directory, we find its...