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Table of Contents
1 . . .3 .4 2 . . .3 3 4 4. 4. Installation First Steps New FieldCare installation FieldCare update installation FieldCare custom installation Registration of FieldCare FieldCare Device Setup (Easy/Advanced) FieldCare Standard FieldCare ProfessionaliDTM-HART Update DTM Catalog After a FieldCare installation After installing new DTMs 3 3 4 5 6 8 8 8 9 11 12  3


Revision Index
Product Version V.0.xx V.0.xx Manual BA07S/04/a4/07.04 BA07S/04/a4/.05 Changes New languages New installation manager - New languages - New operating - system - Migration tool - for Windows NT Total revision of FieldCare installation procedure -Microsoft Windows NT - will not be supported - from this version - To see the operating - systems supported, - please check the system - requirements on the CD Remarks





- New operating system - This version replaces - Support of service - the ToF-/FieldTool - protocols - package - FieldCare Device - Setup - HART devices - managed inproject - Common installation - media (DVD) - License model - W@M connectivity See documentation for more details





See chapter 


First steps

FieldCare Installation Wizard guides you through the installation of FieldCare components. . Insert the FieldCare DVD in the DVD drive: – FieldCareInstallation Wizard starts automatically If autostart is not active, browse to and start the Setup.exe program

– Select an option to start the installation of FieldCare and the DTMlibraries Start with FieldCare 2. FieldCare Installation Manager first checks the system requirements – If the requirements are fulfilled, press Next to start installation – If the requirements are not fulfilled, pressCancel to break off the installation

3. The license agreement appears: read it carefully – Press Yes to accept the agreement and continue installation – Press No to reject the agreement: the installation is broken off




4. All languages of the FieldCare frame application will be installed – Press Next 5. Now choose your personal settings by checking the appropriate boxin the dialog – Press Next to proceed with installation (Go to Step 6 or 7)

6. If you decided to change the password you will now be asked to enter and confirm a new password (Lite, Standard and Professional) – Press Next to proceed with installation 7. FieldCare Installation Manager now checks if a FieldCare version is already installed on your computer – If none is found, the installationproceeds as decribed in Chapter . – If an older version is found, the installation proceeds as described Chapter .3 (Lite, Standard and Professional)


New FieldCare installation

By following the instructions for a “Full” installation, the latest FieldCare Version with all components will be installed. . FieldCare Installation Manager offers you certain options for a new installation– Press Full to install all FieldCare components – Press Custom to install only selected components, go to Chapter .4 (do this only if you know exactly what must be installed) – Press Documentation to read the latest release notes and installation procedure


3. Now select the folder where FieldCare is to be installed – Press Select to browse to and select a different folder – Press Nextto proceed with the installation

4. FieldCare Installation Manager now starts installation – A status window keeps you informed of the progress – Press Yes after the installation to confirm the restart of your computer – Press Finish to finish the installation: now register FieldCare, see Chapter 2


FieldCare update installation

By following the instructions for an “Update”...