Fabrication of chocolate

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Fabrication of chocolate
Before turning sweet, the cacao beans get sugar and milk in a complex industrial process.
1. The production process of chocolate start in the cacao farms with thewithdrawal of almonds. Each cacao contains between twenty and fifty seeds with high fat and water. To eliminate some of the liquid, they undergo a sun drying for eight days.
2. After drying, the beans arebagged and taken to the industries. In the factory, the first phase of production is called roasting, a heating process that removes moisture. Then the seeds are cooled and run into the shredder,which removes the husk of the almond.
3. Later the almonds pass through the grinding step. The result is a pasty mass and perfumed. This is the basic ingredients for many types of chocolate.
4. Now,the cacao mass passes through a pressing machine, which separates the two ingredients in products. The first is cacao butter, to be reintroduced in the next step. The second is called cacao cake, akind of "cake" that crumbles easily. Part of it is dissolved and mixed with sugar to make chocolate powder. Another portion is colled and broken into tablets, which are used in the manufacture ofchocolate.
5. In the production of chocolate, the cake and cacao butter receive milk and sugar, forming the mass of traditional chocolate. The dark chocolate takes all these ingredients expect milk.The blank is made only with cacao butter, sugar and milk.
6. In any type of chocolate, the resulting mass passes through the refining cylinders, where the mixture of sugar crystals are crushed andbroken into microscopic particles. This improves the texture of the candy, leaving it softer and delicious to eat.
7. After refining, devices known as agitators keep the moving mass, removing the freshacidity and moisture.
8. In the last step, occurring in molds for molding the chocolate to get the desired effect. Finally, the chocolate is cooled until solid and be ready for automatic packinging.
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