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It seems – nobody is sure of anything nowadays – that yawning was once
seen as a chance of evil spirits to enter the body while the soul slipped out. So, we
began covering themouth to frustrate the to-and-fro, but that hasn´t put a lid on
certain vital question such as: Who yawns?
Science replies: fish yawn on switching from one activity to another, chickens
stand ontiptoe, flap their wings – and yawn. With its head out of the sand, the South
African ostrich has been caught yawning. Dogs yawn like mad when they become
aggressive, unless – and this goes for cats andapes, too – they are signaling
peaceful coexistence.
Dr. Jacques Barbizet, of Saint Antoine Hospital, in Paris, studied yawning with
radiographs made every half second. He detected dilation ofpharynx, Larynx,
nostrils, and bronchial tubes; lifting of the eyebrows, lowering of the diaphragm;
retreat of the tongue; a slight racing of the heart; increased flow of the blood to the
brain;rhythmic lateral motions of the mandible; closure of the eyes; occasional tears
and saliva, as well as occasional dislocation of the jaw.

16ª QUESTÃO – Write ( T ) for True or ( F ) for False:
1.( )When cats yawn they are always signaling peaceful coexistence.
2.( ) Sometimes yawning may cause dislocation of the jaw.
3.( ) Dogs yawn only when they are aggressive.
4.( ) Yawning may change theflow of the blood to the brain.
5.( ) Dogs yawn when they are mad.

A. ( ) F, F, F, T, T.
B. ( ) T, T, F, F, F.
C. ( ) F, T, F, T, F.
D. ( ) T, F, F, F, F.

17ª QUESTÃO – Check only the movementsthat occur during yawning, according to the text.
1 - Lowering of the diaphragm.
2 - Dislocation of the jaw.
3 - Closure of the nostrils.
4 - Retreat of the eye.
5 - Dilation of the heart.
6 -Occasional tears and saliva.
A. ( ) 1, 2, 6.
B. ( ) 3, 4, 5.
C. ( ) 2, 4, 6.
D. ( ) 1, 3, 5.

18ª QUESTÃO – In this sentence “If they had paid attention, they _________ (learn)
the lesson.”...
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