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Committee: UNHRC – United Nations Human Rights Council

General theme: Glocalization: the role of local communities in a globalized world.

The issues of theRepublic Oriental of Uruguay are:

1) Uruguay’s role about the indigenous Peoples right to self-determination.

Unlike other countries in South America, the Indian influence in Uruguay is very far.Indigenous contribution estimated at 10% of the entire population. But it is very concentrated in some regions of the country where they can reach 25% of the local population.
The Senate and Chamber ofRepresentatives of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay met in a general assembly in 2008 and the Ordinance No. 18589 declared the April 11 as 'Day of the nation charrúa and identity indigenous'distributing information and sensitisation of citizens about the indigenous people and their national identity, historical deeds relating to charrúa nation. The Uruguayans are proud of your ancestrycontribution also has this indomitable character by ethnicity.
The Uruguayan are proud about your ancestry contribution also as indomitable character of your ethnicity. The discussion about the rights ofminorities is far from peaceful. The western political tradition has been busy with very little issues.
One of the effects of monocultural conception of state on the indigenous peoples is the systematicenforcement of the principles and forms of organization of social life and the control of it forms of conflict resolution. Uruguayan legislation is active against the instabilities caused by theproblems ethnic, religious or linguistic and from the discussions that led to these instruments, many actions have taken place.
Therefore, Uruguay reinforces the opinion about the awareness of Indigenousculture, the preservation of their land and recognizing the indigenous people the right to self-determination.
Reaffirms the particular responsibility in the regional fight against poverty,...