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NG7/DR3 – Euthanasia
When we pass for these situations it is more normal that we think in one actual question, but at the same time very controversial that is the question of Euthanasia. I don`twant to say with this that I have thought about it before, but it is certain that with all these experiences that the illness of my mother has enabled me, I found myself very reflecting about the theme.So by Euthanasia it is understood the practice by which we reduce a person`s life with an incurable illness in a controlled way and assisted by a specialist.
There are many arguments againstEuthanasia, from religious, ethical, political to social.
I have an idea of my own about this topic, because it is very difficult to digest the fact that we have a person who is in a permanent pain, in whichwe feel powerless to help, ourselves. We sometimes think “Oh God! Make him rest”, if God exists only he has the gift of giving and taking the life of the living beings (in my opinion), but this is avery questionable discussion and a very vast concept, we distinguishe several types of valves associated with death it self and human dignity.
On one hand I’m in favour of Dystanasia contrary toEuthanasia, I stand that we should use all possibilities to extend life of a living being. Only when there are no longer possibilities to cure, we should use Euthanasia because suffering is too painfuland all those in your surroundings, will suffer too.
It is evident that all living being have the right to choose what they want for their own lives or if they don`t want to live longer.
Sometimesthose who are sick think in a different way, according to the physical and psychological condition, a terminal patient or that who has a lot of suffering can not think so lucid and sometimes Euthanasiamay be a desire for an unthinkable act, by the strength of painful suffering for what he is passing, for that reason we should take into account such factors and determine well if the individual is...
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