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071 | PUCSP 2007 – ADAPTED
Na sentença “Although American youth are more likely to
use the Internet every day”, a palavra LIKELY indica:
a) preferência.
b) desejo.
c) similaridade.
d) probabilidade.
e) superioridade.

109 | ITA 1995
O termo seldom, entre aspas no trecho adiante, poderia ser
substituído por:
As an American Express Card member, you will enjoy a
relationship with usthat goes beyond the ordinary. You will
be treated as a MEMBER, not a number. And you will receive
the respect and recognition 'seldom' found today.
a) occasionally.
b) rarely.
c) often.
d) usually.
e) always.

014 | UFV 1996
The word THEY in the sentence “Personality questionnaires
were sent out to more than 2000 men and women without
prior selection; when THEY were returned, the birthdates
were noted and the results were put through a computer”,
refers to:
a) results.
b) men.
c) questionnaires.
d) birth dates.
e) women.

015 | CESGRANRIO 1991
The pronoun IT in the sentence “When we eat something
with sugar in it, particularly refined sugar, enzymes in the
saliva in the mouth begin to work immediately to change
that sugar into a type of carbohydrate” refers tothe word:
a) saliva.
b) sugar.
c) mouth.
d) something.
e) refined sugar

071 | FATEC 1999
Escolha a alternativa que mantém o mesmo significado de
NO ONE em "no one passes or fails a TOEFL":
a) Anybody
b) Everybody
c) Nobody
d) Somebody

063 | UNESP 1985
Assinale a alternativa correta:
Those organisms pose __________ danger to human life.
a) any
b) none
c) no
d) not
e) noone

064 | UNESP 1986
__________ said she is right.
a) Somebody
b) Anybody
c) Anyone
d) Something
e) Anything

065 | UNESP 1987
Assinale a alternativa correta:
Would __________ like to hear music tonight?
a) somebody
b) someone
c) anything
d) anyone
e) something

066 | JFS 2008
I do not want to stay home tonight. I want to go
a) nowhere
b) somewhere
c) nowhereelse
d) everywhere else
e) none

120 | FUVEST 1996
Choose the question for the statement: 'Plague also cropped
up in 1994, in India':
a) How long did plague crop up in India?
b) How did plague crop up in 1994?
c) When did plague crop up in India?
d) What did plague crop up in India?
e) Why did plague crop up in India?

125 | UNESP 1992
Assinale a pergunta correta para a respostaapresentada a
For two weeks.
a) How long have you had it?
b) How many time do you have it?
c) How long did you had it?
d) How much time you have got it?
e) There is how long you've got it?

127 | UNESP 1993
Assinale a alternativa correta:
__________ is your hat?
a) When
b) Who
c) Whose
d) Where
e) How many

133 | UNESP 1984
Assinale a alternativa correta:
a) Who diddiscovered America?
b) Who discovered America?
c) Did who discover America?
d) What Columbus discovered?
e) What did Columbus discovered?

029 | MACKENZIE 2000
A: How do you like your coffee?
B: __________
a) Only if you're having one too.
b) Strong, with 2 spoonfuls of sugar, please.
c) Please do. I'm very hungry.
d) Come on now. You can't be serious.
e) No, thanks. I'm on a diet.

039| EEAR 2008
An umbrella __________ a very ordinary object. It
__________ people against the rain and hot sun. You can
fold most umbrellas, so it is easy ___________ them.
– Choose the best alternative to complete the blanks in the
a) is – puts – to hide
b) was – keeps – to help
c) was – brings – to buy
d) is – protects – to carry

034 | PUCPR 2006
When Carlos has aheadache, he __________ some tea.
a) is drinking
b) drank
c) used to drink
d) drinks
e) would drink

041 | EFOMM 2007
The companies are expanding their business and they
__________ all the help they can get. So they __________
several people.
a) need – are employing
b) are needing – are employing
c) needed – are employing
d) are to need – employed
e) needing – employ

043 | FAAP 1997...