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On the website “Anti-Slavery” , the author of what is modern slavery mentions that “Slavery exists today despite the fact that it is banned in most of the countries where it is practised.”Meaning that slavery still exists today. In the United States of America, the land of the free, many people believe that all are, indeed, free. However, this is not true — slavery still exists.Although the abolition of slavery happened over a century ago in America, slavery is still a common occurrence today. Human trafficking, or modern day slavery, is the trading of children, women and menfor the use of forced labor, sexual exploitation or other forms of oppression and exploitation. Many Americans believe that this only happens in developing countries; however, slavery is an issue thatis widespread in our very own country.
The term “modern slavery” has a metaphorical meaning, because it is no longer the purchase or sale of people. However, the media often use the term to designatethose working relationships in which people are forced to pursue an activity against their will, under threat, physical and psychological violence or other forms of intimidation.
The type of slaverywork changed, assumed a new face, but kept the heartless act of depriving human beings from their own dignity. Despite the increase in the efficiency of the inspection, there is nothing to celebrate.A number of barriers to the action of groups and the lack of public policies against forced labor prevent thousands of others to achieve freedom.
According to the website Free the Slaves, “ Slavesin the US come from 60 countries and have been found in 90 cities. They are laved cleaning houses, working on farms, coerced into sex industry.” Meaning that most of the current slaves are migrantswho come to the United States to work and they end up being slaves. Immigrants Latino American, Asian and many others work hours daily, with no break and with very low wages. The devaluation of the...