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  • Publicado : 10 de abril de 2012
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Wheeled Excavator

A 904 C
Operating Weight: 41,200 - 46,500 lb
Engine Output:
105 kW / 143 HP
Bucket Capacity:
0.40 - 1.40 yd³

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12.02.2008 13:54:34 Uhr

A 904 C
Operating Weight: 41,200 - 46,500 lb
Engine Output:
105 kW / 143 HP
Bucket Capacity:
0.40 - 1.40 yd³


A 904 C Litronic

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12.02.2008 13:54:35 Uhr Performance


Liebherr wheel excavators have been designed for
maximum productivity. Maximum digging performances, high lift capacities and quick working cycles are prerequisite for efficient building site operation, and a wide variety of attachments optimize
every excavator application.

Largely dimensioned and ergonomically designed,
the Liebherr excavator cab features an operator’sseat which can be individually adjusted, as well as
clearly arranged control instruments and ideal allround view. Automatic air-conditioning guarantees
an optimum temperature in the Liebherr Feel-Good
cab at all times.

Liebherr hydraulic excavators have been designed
and built to withstand the toughest of conditions
at the building site. Their rugged design, hightensilematerials and individual components ensure maximum availability and long

The Liebherr-Litronic-System increases machine
performance, reduces fuel consumption and minimises service and maintenance costs. Due to
Liebherr’s well- balanced range, the ideal machine
can always be selected to suit every application.

A 904 C Litronic

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312.02.2008 13:54:35 Uhr

Liebherr diesel engine
• Long life-expectancy, expansive cylinder
capacity and increased weight
• According to level IIIA/Tier 3
• Specially designed for construction
machinery operation
• Oil supply even with 100 % tilt angle


A 904 C Litronic

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12.02.2008 13:54:35 Uhr

The A 904 C Litronic has been designed formaximum production. Perfectly harmonized, the Liebherr-developed and Liebherr-manufactured components including
diesel engine, hydraulic pump and motor, as well as swing gear and cylinders, guarantee maximum performance. Tremendous digging and breakout forces, extensive lifting capacities and quick working and travel movements are thus resulted.

Innovative solutions
Multitude of
attachmentsLiebherr provide an individual, application-related
range of diverse attachments. Hydraulic booms, adjustable both in height and offset positions, as well as
standard and offset-adjustable goosenecks, can be
combined with different sticks.

Extensive lifting

Canalization and the lifting of pipes are everyday tasks
for rubber-tyre excavators. These requirements are
endorsed viaan intelligent concept of uppercarriage
sectioning together with the positioning of the Liebherr engine, mounted at a transversal angle directly in
front of the counterweight. Separate hoist cylinder bearing points at the upper end of the basic boom also
increase the lifting capacities considerably.

Quick working cycles

High swing torque – attained as a result of the Liebherr
swingring featuring internal teeth and swing drive,
specially designed to increase the torque.

Performance without

Maximum performance and maximum forces are
available to the operator at all times.

Rugged undercarriage


• Various undercarriage designs featuring
welded, durable outriggers allow safe
positioning, optimum stability, and long
life-expectancy of themachine for every

• Increases productivity of the

• Prop-up blade / dozing blade in box-type
design – only two bearing points for high
torsional resistance

• Reduces fuel consumption
• Reduces service costs and eases
• Allows maximum sensitivity and as
many overlapping movements as are

A 904 C Litronic

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