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  • Publicado : 31 de maio de 2012
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Invisible Bra

Stay far sexier instantly! Invisible Bra increases up to 2 numbers the size of their breasts without surgery! All will admire its "new way" and notice that you aremuch sexier!
Invisible Bra enhances your body! The bra is perfect if you want to always be beautiful and elegant. Did you see that blouse halter or strapless dress, and storm at partiesand events! Forget the awkward and ugly bras! Invisible Bra silicone molds are both so comfortable, you'll even forget you're wearing ... Obtain and bring more convenience and comfortfor your day-by-day!
The only bra that gives a natural look! Use with low-cut clothing, spaghetti strap blouses, dresses had taken-that-falls, and ensure an elegant look in anyoccasion! As inconspicuous, no one will notice ...
Fits easily! The secret of the Invisible Bra is unique adhesive that is safe and secure in your body. And it is hypoallergenic, does notharm your skin! In addition to being reusable, just wash that will be brand new to be used over and over again!
Feel freer, with Invisible Bra!

The purchase ofInvisible Bra, you get a free lock Magnetic Clever Casp. No more wasting time trying to put your bracelets, necklaces, chains, anklets and even because of the closing.

Uplift breasts, enhance cleavage
Self-adhesive, backless, strapless
German high-purity crystal silicone with good elasticity, feels soft and comfortable
Inner glue isantibacterial, environment-friendly and waterproof
Firm adhesion, washable, reusable
Safety tested, easy to use, clean and conserve, suitable for different skin
Perfect to be worn underbackless, halter or evening dresses


Material: TPU, 100% silicone
Color: Nude

U$ 279,86
For U.S. $ 159, 76 or (4X U$ 39,94).
Economics of : U$ 120,10