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SM5200 and DAS5200 Systems
Philip Leung
Systems Assembly Manager



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Hue Vang
(On behalf of Jon Hagihara)

Quality Auditor 3

Systems Tested
DC: 09196 Part Number: AAP-NE55 DC: 09196 Part Number: AAP-NE58 DC: 09196 Part Number: AAP-NE60 DC: 09196 Part Number: AAP-NE56

1. Purpose
The purpose ofthis document is to provide a consistent and standard method of inspecting the NSM5200 with or without the DAS5200. ote: All pictures shown are for reference only and do not represent current revs. Refer to BOM (Bill of Materials) for correct part numbers, wiring diagrams, and rev numbers. If there are discrepancies in the documentation, notify the production manager associated with the product forupdating this procedure.

2. Scope
This procedure shall be followed by all Pelco personnel that will be testing and/or auditing the NSM5200 with or without the DAS5200. ote: This procedure is intended for a Single NSM5200 System with 0 to 3 DAS5200 systems.

3. Procedure
3.1. Required Items
• • • • • • • • • • IP-3897_ BR (2) Power Cables VGA Monitor USB Keyboard USB Mouse Network Cables 1SAS Cable per DAS Test PC connected to Pelconet network DHCP Router connected to Pelconet network NSM and/or DAS Unit Under Test (UUT) 12 SATA Drives per UUT (Drive size per order) Revision C Verify Current Revision Before Use! Page 1 / 10

• • •

QA Serialization Website access TestOS USB Key Tools4tools App (used to install and update the TestOS programs and test scripts) ote: Latest versioncan be found here: http://release.pelco.org/software/released/tools/Product%20Tools/Tools4Tools/


Visual Inspection
Check unit(s) for scratches, missing screws, and secure wiring connections.

You will need the following items: •Pelco-approved Endura certification •Access to an Endura network that is an active, Gigabit Ethernet network that supports the full Internet Protocol suite,configured with at least one Endura system manager, and configured with at least one Endura workstation. OTES: •For best results, make sure your installation meets the power, environmental, and networking guidelines described in the Endura Installation Guidelines and Best Practices document. •When using one or more network switches on the Endura network, enable autonegotiation on all switches.•These network requirements represent the minimum standard for a small Endura-capable security network. Consult the Endura Network Design Guide to make sure your network is properly configured. Your system might require additional hardware, software, and network resources. Qty
1 2

NSM5200 Series network video recorder Hard drive packs (6 filled hard drive carriers each Accessory pack:4 Rubber feet with 8-32 x 0.375-inch, Phillips pan head screws (for desktop mounting) 2 Power cords either 2 US (North American), 2 European standard, 2 UK standard), 2 Australian standard, or 2 Argentinian standard NOTE: Units shipped to China do not include power cords. 2 Front bezel keys 1 Disposable wrist strap for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection 1 Security tool Rack mount kit(included with accessory pack): 12 Screws, 10-32 x 0.25-inch, Phillips pan head (six for each bracket, installed) 2 Adjustable support rail sets (each set includes one front-mounting rail and one rear-mounting rail) 8 Screws, 8-32 x 0.375-inch, Phillips truss head (four for each support rail) 8 Screws, 10-32 x 0.5-inch, Phillips flat head (two for each front rail, two for each rack rail spacer) 4 Screws,10-32 x 0.75-inch, Phillips pan head (two for each rear rail) 1 Cable management bracket 2 Screws, 6-32 x 0.25-inch, Phillips pan head 2 Rack rail spacers 14 Cage nuts, 10-32 Product serial number labels (attached to unit) NSM5200 Series Network Storage Manager Installation manual Resource disc Safety instructions



3 1 1 1

IP-3897_ BR

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