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englishUnit 14 – Word list

1) Coach: A coach is a person who teaches sports.
My coach gets very excited during games.

Control: To control something is to make it do what you want.
To control the TV just push the buttons.

Description: A description of someone or something says what they are like.
I gave a description of the man with the gun and hat to the police

Direct: Ifsomething is direct it goes straight between two places.
The green path is a direct route to my house

Exam: An exam is a test
I did some practices question from them math exam on the board

Example: An example of something is a thing that is typical of it.
Cola is an example of a soft drink

Limit: A limit is the largest or smallest amount of something that you are allowed
My mother put alimit on how much I could use the phone.

Local: If something is local it is nearby
The local market in my neighborhood sells all the food we need.

Magical: Magical describes a quality that make someone or something special
The fireworks made the night sky look so magical.

Mail: Mail is letteres and other things sent to people
I get a lot of mail because I have friends all over theworld.

Novel: A novel is a book that tells a story
He wrote a great novel about Ancient China.

Outline: An outline is the plan for a story or essay.
Before I wrote my essay I made an outline

Poet: A poet is a person who writes poems.
Willian Shakspeare was one of the greatesr poets.

Print: To print something is to put onto to paper.
Make surethat you print your name clearly.Scene: A Scene is one part of a book or a movie
A movie is made up pf many short pieces of scenes
Made up of: COMPOSTO

Sheet: A Sheet is a thin fin flat piece of paper.
I only needed a single sheet of paper to do my homework

Silly: If someone or something is silly they show a lack of thought.
I made a silly mistake of dropping mom´s vase.

Store: A store is a place where youcan buy things.
I picked up a few things at the grocery store.

Suffer: To suffer is to feel pain.
Her headache made her suffer all day.

Technology: Technology is new things made by using science.
He loves technology such as laptop computer.

Sara loved to read. She read novels and poems. She loved the beautiful descriptions and phases. She loved reading work frompoets and novelists. She didn´t like videogame or technology. She was on the basketball team, but she didn´t like sports. Her parents made her play basketball. In fact Sara´s parents made her do many things, but she didn´t want to do those things. She just wanted to sit and read all day. One day a small book came inthe mail. It was for Sara. The book looked very special. It was printed on sheet ofgold. Sara began to read it. The outline of the story was simple. It was about a magical place. Strange things happened there. One example from the book was about a boy who could control people. In one scene he made his friend tell funny jokes. Sara loved the book. She read it all the time. Then something strange happened. The book gave Sara a special power. She could control other people. She waslike the boy in the book. During one exam she made her friend tell silly jokes. Her friend got in trouble. After school Sara did not make a direct trip home. One the way she went to the local store. She wanted to play more “tricks” on people. She caused problems. She made people fall down. She laughed and had funny. Finally she left and started to walk home. Then she saw something. Herbasketball coach was about to walk in front of a bus. He was looking to the other way. She had to stop him. She used her power. She controlled him. She made him stop walking. Sara learnt something that day: It was better to help people to make them suffer. So she put a limit on how she used her power. She did not want to do bad things with it anymore. She only wanted to do good.
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