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At the airport
Here are some phrases that you might hear at an airport in an English speaking country.
Checking in
Security is a major concern. A country like the USA is known for its rigorousairport security. While this may cause a great deal of inconvenience, you have got to remember that the security personnel are trying to ensure everyone’s safety.
If you have any hand luggage you will needto put it through the x-ray machine. Items like knives and aerosol cans cannot be taken on board. Even if you aren’t carrying anything considered harmful or restrictive, you can still set off thealarm. If you do, then the airport security personnel will search you.
Here are a few questions the airport security personnel may ask.
Were these bags packed by you?
Did you leave these bags unattended?Do these bags belong to you?
Did anyone give you anything to take on the flight?
Are you carrying anything that doesn’t belong to you?
How many bags have you got?
Are you carrying any restricteditems?
Can you show me your passport?
In the departure lounge
This is the place where you wait before you board your flight. Most international airports have duty free shops from which you can buy goodswithout paying taxes.
Airport announcements
Passengers are requested to proceed to gate number… (Airports have numbered areas from where flights leave. These are often referred to as gates.)
Allpassengers with priority boarding will be called in a few minutes.
Passengers are requested to have their boarding cards ready for inspection.

Air travel vocabulary
Here is a list of important words used totalk about air travel. Each word is followed by its definition/meaning.
Aisle (noun): Aisle means the corridor between rows of seats in an airplane. There are usually one or two aisles in anairplane.

Board (verb): To board an airplane is to get on to it as a passenger.

Boarding pass (noun): A special ticket issued to a passenger. It shows that the passenger has checked in and is authorized...