English work

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  • Publicado : 12 de novembro de 2012
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English work
The object that I chose to talk about is my guitar because since I was a child I’ve always been connected tomusical instruments.
First I started to play piano. I had classes two times a week during 9 years of my life. It was a strictprogram and I had fear of failing notes. It was a course of classical music so I had to do exams after a year had passed. I wasunder pressure every time and I started to see piano no more as an hobby.
It wasn’t surprising that I got tired of playingalways the same kind of music and I realized that I had to change. I was 14 when I decided to stop my piano classes and I thoughtthat will never have music lessons again. But I was wrong.
A year passed, my tenth year had passed and, on my summer holidays Idecided to try a new instrument. Playing guitar was an old dream and so I decided to try it. On my birthday my mother bought me anew guitar. It was yellow and perfect. I become very happy. Now it is just my guitar and me. No exams, no teachers, nocompromises.
I can play all the types of music I want, like pop, rock and jazz. Now I feel more complete and I really do what like. Myguitar is an object that has a lot of meaning for me and I have no doubt that this is the most special object I’ve ever had.
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