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English Review
1. Complete the sentences using the words below. Follow the model:
really | absolutely | incredibly | too | quite |
so | extremely | very | pretty | enough |
a) My friendwas delivering a lecture but he wasn’t persuasive _______________________.
b) Your house is ______________ big, man! Congratulations!
c) This car is _________ expensive to me. I don’t think Ican afford it.
d) Your brother is _________ nice!
e) Everyone disagrees but I think you are ___________________ right about that.
f) Riding a bike here is _____________________ dangerous.g) This letter is _____________________ important.
h) I am _________________ good at math.
i) My leadership and yours are _____________ different.
j) My younger brother is________________ lazy!

2. Write five adjectives that define your characteristics.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Complete the blanks. Follow the model:
My brother is as smart as I am.
a) Roberto Carlos ___________________________________________(talented).
b) I _________________________________________ (funny) Chico Anysio.
c) They ___________________________________ (not/sensitive) my sister.
d) My mom___________________________________ (creative) Steve Jobs.
e) Carlos and Louis ____________________________________ (hardworking) Mr. Loverman.
f) My grandma _____________________________________ (patient) my Englishteacher.
g) Mr. Smartman, my physics teacher, ___________________________________ (wise) Einstein.
h) I _________________________________ (not/handsome) George Clooney.
i) Nobody______________________________________ (independent) my friend Carol.

4. See in your book what word comes immediately after the expressions below and complete them:
a) I can’t stand + noun + ____________...
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