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  • Publicado : 8 de maio de 2011
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What do you want to do? Do you want to change the entire course of history and human development by forcing English as truly universal, globalspoken language?
• English should not be the global language because that would destroy the diversity of languages that world gives to us.
• Withthe time people using English or another global language they will forget about their native tongue and maybe they’re going to think that English iseasier that their native language.
• Many places around the world will be against giving into this linguistic homogenization because they don’twant to give up of their culture, heritage and history just to help in creation of one global language.
• Language itself shows the culture andhistory of the country and it has been proven that speaking multiple languages can benefit people
• I think that all languages are important andshould not exist a language that is superior to the others, it would be unfair.
• It will be difficult to find any group of people in the world willingto make that sacrifice.

During the EU, just making the Euro's cost over 20 years. A more complicated matter of language will take a lot oftime. Also, language itself is our culture. If we ruin it, it will mean the loss of each country's uniqueness, and there will be a huge revolt aboutmaking one language
Translation is not always successful in preserving ideas or literary constructions, meaning cultural diversity may be lost
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