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Maintenance Tips | Why The Maintenance Engineer? | ReliabilityWeb.com: A Culture ... Página 1 de 3


IMC-2011 26th International Mainte Conference Job Postings for Maintenance and ReliabilityProfessionals

Why The Maintenance Engineer?
JANUARY 20, 2010 The Maintenance Engineer in most companies has responsibility for the preventive maintenance program. If the responsibility for thepreventive maintenance program falls to someone else, the maintenance engineer will be a major resource for this individual. Why the maintenance Engineer? The maintenance engineer typically will haveall or some of the following responsibilities:

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Insures that equipment is properlydesigned, selected, and installed based on life cycle philosophy

Insures that equipment is performing effectively and efficiently Establishes and monitors programs for engine/compressor analysis andvibration and other condition monitoring techniques

Reviews deficiencies noted during corrective maintenance Provide technical guidance for Computerized Maintenance Management System(CMMS)

Maintains and advises on use and disposition of stock, surplus and rental rotating equipment

Promotes equipment standardization, recommends spare part levels, and coordinatessharing of spare parts with other asset teams Motor Testing Books

Available for consultation with maintenance technicians Monitors new technology and keeps management/staff appraised on the newdevelopments

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Reliability Centered Maintenance for Plant Maintenance

IMC-2011 26th International Mainte Conferencehttp://www.reliabilityweb.com/index.php/maintenance_tips/why_the_maintenance_engin... 28/10/2011

Maintenance Tips | Why The Maintenance Engineer? | ReliabilityWeb.com: A Culture ... Página 2 de 3

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