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LIMITED LICENSE AGREEMENT for the use of the software game CRYSIS 2 ("CRYSIS")

1. Subject of the Agreement

This limited license agreement for the use of the computer game CRYSIS (this "Agreement") is entered into between Crytek GmbH ("CRYTEK") and you, the end-user (the "Licensee" or "You").
The Agreement is made effective beginning on the date on which you, the Licensee, first download,install, load or otherwise use CRYSIS.

By downloading, installing, loading or otherwise using CRYSIS you, the Licensee, agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement or in the accompanying documentation. You should read this Agreement carefully before downloading, installing, loading or otherwise using CRYSIS. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreementyou are not authorized to use CRYSIS.

2. Grant of Limited License

Subject to your agreement to, and full compliance with, the terms and provisions of this Agreement, CRYTEK hereby grants to Licensee a limited, personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive right (the "License") during the Term, as defined below, to use CRYSIS in accordance with the instructions provided in the manual or on thepackaging of CRYSIS

3. Technical Protection Measures.
This Software uses Solidshield digital rights management technology. This Solidshield technology does not require a separate installation. For more information about Solidshield, visit www.solidshield.com[->0]. An Internet connection is required to authenticate the Software and verify your license (“Online Authentication”) using theserial code enclosed with the Software. CRYTEK reserves the right to validate your license through subsequent Online Authentications. If CRYTEK determines your license is not valid, you may not be able to use the Software. CRYTEK does not recommend that you attempt to disable Solidshield. If you disable or otherwise tamper with the technical protection measures, the Software may not functionproperly and you will have materially breached this License.
Each computer must be authorized before you can play the game. Authorization automatically occurs after authentication and license validation by CRYTEK (i.e., Online Authentication), described above. The first end user of this License may authorize up to five machines on which s/he may play the offline features of this game at anyone time. Access to online features and/or services is addressed in Section 1.C, below. When you install the Software on a machine, the machine is automatically authorized (provided you have authorizations available). When you uninstall the Software from a machine, that machine is automatically de-authorized. You may manage your authorizations yourself by following the de-authorizationinstructions found at http://activate.ea.com/deauthorize. An Internet connection is required for de-authorization. Upon uninstallation of the Software and successful machine deauthorization, the Solidshield technology associated with this Software will be removed from your machine.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

CRYSIS and all copyrights, trademarks, and all other intellectual property rightsrelated thereto are owned by CRYTEK (or its licensors, as applicable) and are protected by German and international copyright law and other applicable law. Licensee shall have no ownership or intellectual property rights in or to CRYSIS, including, without limitation, all copyrights related thereto.

5. Reservation of Rights

CRYTEK (or its licensors, as applicable) expressly reserves all rightsnot granted in this Agreement. You are not receiving any right or license hereunder to copy, distribute, publicly perform, display or make any other use of the CRYSIS, or any element thereof, or the trademarks CRYTEK, CRYSIS, CRYENGINE, FARCRY or any other trademark of CRYTEK or any other company.

6. Software Use Restrictions

Any use by Licensee of CRYSIS not expressly permitted in Section...
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