Effective environmental scanning

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Effective Environmental Scanning – Simulation Game

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International Business

Pedro Cavalcante

Thisfinal presentation of group 3 for the course Effective Environmental Scanning containing the objectives, policy makers, final results and a SWOT analysis for Germany.

After analyzing the economicsituation of Germany, looking at all the figures, objectives and policy makers, comparing with the standards suggested of the Maastricht Treaty and also what we have learned in the class room we decidedto organize the objective in the following priority:

- Low budget deficit;

- Continuous growth;

- High employment level;

- Price stability:

- Social security;- International competitiveness;

- “Fair” income distribution.

The test round before the real simulation game was very clarifying for the group because we could understand how some of thefactors behave and we could better prepare for the real simulation game.

During the 3 rounds of the game we played our policy makers, adjusting each segment to reach the end result according to ourmain objectives set before the simulation. On the table below it is possible to see our decisions after the 3rd and final round of the game:


Analyzing the table, most of our decisionwere made at government expenditures and revenues, we increased the value added tax (VAT) from 19% to 22% and the Mineral-oil tax from 65.45 to 73.00 cent/liter. We reduced expenditures in governmentconsumption nominal each year, excluding the last, 2014, in which that was no growth or reduction from previous year. We maintained a 1% growth of the main refinancing interest rate because there isalso a growth of the standard wages, trying to protect the economy from a possible inflation.

The final table shown below, displays our objectives (already in our priority order), our projection...
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