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  • Publicado : 4 de março de 2013
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Princeton Buries Rape Survey Report, Only to Have It Leaked Later
Katie J.M. Baker

One in six female Princeton undergraduates said they experienced "non-consensual vaginal penetration" duringtheir time at the University, according to an unpublished survey from 2008 — as in five years ago — that was recently leaked to The Daily Princetonian. The numbers suggest that rates of sexual assaultand sexual harassment on campus may be significantly higher than the rates at which they are actually reported or adjudicated. But they're on par with national averages, which is likely why Princetondidn't think the report was worth publicizing. If we pretend elite college students aren't sexually assaulting their peers, the rape fairy will make it all disappear.

The survey's purpose was to"establish and quantify the extent to which Princeton University students experience assault," according to a summary of the survey results. 70 percent of the 1,595 graduate and undergraduaterespondents from the classes of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 were women, but otherwise the demographics were consistent with those of the wider student population. From The Daily Princetonian:

According to thesurvey, more than 28 percent of female undergraduate students reported that they were touched in a sexual manner or had their clothes removed without consent. About 12 percent said they were forcedto receive or perform oral sex, and an additional 14 percent were said they were victims of attempted forced oral sex. Another 6.2 percent of female undergraduate respondents said they experiencedattempted non-consensual vaginal penetration.

Of the 809 female undergraduates who filled out the undergraduate female survey, more than 120 answered affirmatively to the statement, "A man put hispenis into my vagina, or someone inserted fingers or objects without my consent."

(Emphasis ours; that's where the 1 out of 6 statistic comes from.)

In contrast, forty forcible sex offenses were...