Dual laminate

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Dual laminated piping and equipment are used where the FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) composite material would fail in certain operating and environmental conditions. This methodintroduces the thermoplastic material as the liner, and the thermoset FRP material as the structural laminate. The FRP will bond to the thermoplastic liner to overcome vacuum.  Also, the differentcoefficients of thermal expansion improve mechanical strength and the physical properties of the products; Therefore, it can withstand much higher service temperatures and pressure, with a lower costthan the homogeneous thermoplastic material. Please contact the Chemposite engineering department for more information on our Dual Laminate Products.
Chemposite's Dual Laminate Products are available ina wide array of quality liners & resins to meet your specific operating conditions:
(Polyvinyl Chloride & Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride)
• Serves a wide range of acids and alkalies• Resistant to most inorganic compounds and numerous oxidants up to 80°C (PVC) and 100°C (CPVC)
• Resistant to most organic compounds (except chlorinated solvents and aromatics)
PE & PP(Polyethylene & Polypropylene)
• High chemical resistance & good abrasion resistance
• Widely used in severe chemical environments & hydrometallurgical applications
• Resistant tovirtually all inorganic chemicals except for strong oxidizing agents and free chlorine
• Resistant to most organics except strong or chlorinated solvents
• Non-toxic, meets US FDA regulations forfood & drug
• Offers better chemical resistance than SS316 or FRP
• Abrasion applications such as slurries in mining
• Strong acid storage: HCL H2So4, HF, zinc, copper &uranium leaching sulfuric acid
• Pickling acid tanks & piping
• Food manufacturing & pure water manufacturing
PVDF - Kynar®, Hylar® Solef®
(Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
• Fluorinated...
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