Dotnetnuke 5 user's guide

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DotNetNuke 5 User's Guide: Get Your Website Up and Running
Description: An authoritative introduction to implementing DotNetNuke Web sites, by experienced DotNetNuke implementers and trainers An impressive author team shows you how to easily build Web sites with a variety of content features - no programmingexperience required. If your goal is to build the site without worrying about the programming behind it, DotNetNuke 5 User's Guide gives you exactly what you need. After developing a groundwork in the DotNetNuke framework and DotNetNuke as a content management system, it provides installation and administration information. Then it takes you step by step through a variety of use cases,implementation strategies, and configuration decisions for various sites. - Introduces the benefits of content management systems, open source, how DotNetNuke functions as a content management system, and DotNetNuke modules, pages, and skins - Explains the installation process, options for installing DotNetNuke, and requirements, as well as administration functionality and content management fundamentals forDNN sites - Examines different use cases, implementation strategies, and configuration decisions - Shows how to develop and implement a personal Web site, a team or club community, a small business site, and an enterprise solution - Looks at various advanced topics relevant to all use cases, ranging from advanced installation options to detailed administrative features - Includes a foreword byShaun Walker, creator of DotNetNuke and Wrox DotnetNuke series editor DotNetNuke 5 User's Guide provides the tools you need to put this valuable technology to work.


Foreword. Introduction. Chapter 1: Introduction To DotNetNuke. What Is a Content Management System? What Is Open Source? Software Licenses. What Is DotNetNuke? Who Uses DotNetNuke? What Does the License Allow? A BriefHistory of DotNetNuke. What Is the DotNetNuke Ecosystem? What Does DotNetNuke Provide and How?

Security. Pages. Extensions, Modules, and Skins. Upgrades. Users Management. Common Misconceptions. Summary. Chapter 2: Installing DotNetNuke. Web Server Basics. Pre-Installation Considerations. What Kind of a Website Will You Be Building? How Much Content Will Your Website Have? How Much Traffic WillYour Website Receive? Who Is Your Intended Audience? Will Your Website Have Its Own Domain Name? Installation Requirements. DotNetNuke Requirements. Third-Party Hosting Considerations. Which Version of DotNetNuke? The Local Installation Process. File System Configuration. Setting Up Your Web Server. Configuring Your Database. The Hosted Installation Process. Using the DotNetNuke Installation Wizard.File Permissions Check. Database Check. User Configuration. Summary. Chapter 3: DotNetNuke Concepts and Host Configuration. Definitions. Portals.

Pages. URLs. Skins. Modules. Containers. Actions Menu. Control Panel. Providers. Dissecting a DotNetNuke Page. Logo. Navigation Elements. Search Functionality. Register/Login Links. Breadcrumb. Page Content. Content Positioning. Privacy Statement,Terms of Use, and Copyright. Overview of Administration within DNN. The Super User Account. The Administrator Account. Logging In to Your Portal. Administrative Modes. Page Mode Selection. ADMIN and HOST Menu Items. Summary. Chapter 4: Portal and Content Administration. Administrative Functionality. Site Settings. Basic Settings. Advanced Settings. Roles.

Managing Roles. Users. Adding Users.Existing Users. Deleting Unauthorized Users. Profile Properties. Permissions. Permissions Grid. Deny Permissions. Inherit View Permissions from Page. Workflow Permissions. Pages. Navigation. Adding and Editing Pages. Modules. Adding Modules to a Page. Module Settings. Managing a Module. Summary. Chapter 5: Creating Your Personal Site. Planning for Your Personal Site. Goals for Your Personal Site....
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