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How often does this happen to you?

Acrobat Reader !


Take the next step and convert your documents to Adobe® PDF files! Your documents will look great everytime, across a broad range of hardware and software.
You complete an important document just under the wire and e-mail it to your colleagues, but they can’t open the file because they have a previousversion of the software and they work on a different platform. You spend hours putting together a confidential business plan with many charts and tables. You send it to your colleagues for review andcomments, and when you get it back, you find that your charts and layout have been changed. You distribute an eye-catching new brochure for comments. But when your colleagues open the electronic file, textcolumns are askew, the logo has vanished, and computers have substituted Courier for the elegant font you selected. Then, after you take the extra time to distribute paper copies, your colleaguesreturn a hodgepodge of paper cluttered with scrawled handwritten notes and stapled attachments.

Sound familiar? Then you need Adobe Acrobat 5.0 software on your desktop.
The best way to share documentsonline Adobe Acrobat 5.0 lets you convert any document to an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Anyone with Acrobat Reader software can open your document across a broad range of hardware andsoftware, and it will look exactly as you intended—with layout, fonts, links, and images intact. With Acrobat 5.0, you and your team can work smarter, save resources, and get to market faster.Colleagues can quickly approve Adobe PDF files with e-signatures. Or they can add comments with electronic sticky notes, highlight and strikethrough tools, and more—right from their Web browsers. Enrich yourbusiness communications with Adobe Acrobat. Now you can create interactive forms that are easy to fill in; people can save the information on their hard drives. Or repurpose the information in your...
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