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  • Publicado : 18 de abril de 2012
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W h i t e pa p e r

Green DaTa CenTres anD CabLInG ChoICes
With energy efficiency seen as the dominant characteristic of a green data centre, the adoption of new cabling
technologies can ensureadherence to the eU Code of Conduct for Data Centres and enable organisations to
realise significant Opex savings long-term. Brand-rex r & D Manager, Ken hodge discusses how an informed
choice ofcabling can keep data centres cool.

Data centre energy consumption in Western European is projected
to increase from 56 TWh per year in 2007, to 104 TWh per year
by 20201. This not only poses aproblem for EU energy and
environmental policies, but directly impacts the bottom line
of any organisation operating a data centre.
historically, data centres have been designed with large tolerancesto accommodate future expansion, while most run large quantities
of redundant power and cooling systems to provide higher levels
of reliability. the associated costs were considered a negligiblerisk
to business performance, but rising energy bills have become
a mitigating factor in overall cost of ownership.
EU’s ‘green data centre initiative
published in October 2008 by the eC’s institutefor energy,
the ‘Code of Conduct on Data Centres energy efficiency
(Version 1.0)’ aims to stimulate a reduction in energy consumption
by improving understanding of energy demand, raising awareness,and recommending energy efficient best practice and targets.
Covering existing and new data centres, it embraces two main areas:
• IT Load – the consumption efficiency of it equipment
•Facilities Load – the mechanical and electrical systems supporting
the it electrical load, such as cooling and air-conditioning systems
Currently a voluntary initiative, participants are expected to abide bya set of agreed commitments. however, the Best practices advocated
are pertinent to any organisation looking to attain energy efficiencies.
The cabling connection
Cooling the data centre...