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What is 4Sync?
4Sync is a useful application to synchronize your essential files and keep them at your disposal, no matter where you are at the verymoment. It’s also a perfect way to back-up the most important data, to access and share any files or folders, whenever it’s necessary.

Why do I need this?
With 4Sync you no longer need to worryabout your files accessibility and security. Neither do you need to send yourself a great deal of e-mails, be anxious about losing a memory card, etc. As long as you have synchronized yourfiles, they will be automatically accessible on all of your computers, with the back-up, saved at your web-account at 4sync.com with 15GB free storage space.

To learn more about 4Syncfeatures, please, visit: 4sync.com

How to start synchronizing files with 4Sync
1. Install the downloaded 4Sync: а) Log in your 4shared account

Or b) create a new web-account at 4Sync.

2.When the installation is finished, you will see the special “4Sync” folder icon. This folder will display all synchronized files.

3. Drag and drop any files or folders into “4Sync” folder tosynchronize them.

4. The files will automatically appear at your web-account at 4Sync.com.


Access 4Sync right from your desktop and use the menu options by right-clicking the appicon.

6. Share your files with others in a few clicks.

Right-click on a file, select “4Sync” and then choose “Get link”. Copy and share the link to a file with anyone, you wish to.Click “Tweet it” to share the file at your Twitter account.

7. You can notice several icons during the process of file synchronization
The file is being updated. An error has occurred.Synchronization is complete.

If you have any more questions, please, visit:


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