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Numerous examples were given to us during the last six weeks. The truth is that the vast majority of them are not easy to apply. I particularly have pondered deeply about my personal values, moraland even religious during the whole block.

The sections helped me to conclude that there is not a perfect choice. The idea about a right person and a perfect way is far from reality. There is a sideeffect in many of our decisions. Ethics is very subjective and the human being influenced by the environment in which they live.

In today's world, in many decisions taken by every one of us we cansee the pros and cons.

I learned from the religions denomination that I am part of that Adam, the father of all men, ate from the tree of life by a decision that was not motivated by him. He wasactually forced to break a law, in favor of much greater value. It was the only way to multiply and replenish the earth.

Eva, meanwhile, received the same instructions from The Heavenly Father.Lucifer the common enemy of God’s spiritual sons and daughters convinced our first earthly mother to disobey God's commandment to have access to unlimited knowledge. If Adam refused to partake of thefruit once ate by Eve, the human race would not exist. Without thinking twice, even though contradicting his original desire, he ate the fruit of the tree, and immediately recalled of good and evil,happiness and misery.
In my opinion, that was the very first dilemma of the human race, and the most crucial decision ever faced in this world. The passage states the power of choice that we all have toexercise. We are taught that there is no spiritual progress unless we exercise our freedom of choices.

The point is to remember that difficult decisions are and always will be part of this life.Problems offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable or easy to follow are often part our lives. I do not believe in easy solutions for major problems. It requires a...
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