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A. Complete with the correct form ( present simple affirmative, interrogative  or negative) of these verbs: have, study, watch, do, borrow, get up, read, eat
1. We borrow books from the library twice a month.
2. Richard never ____________ the shopping on Saturdays.
3. Sheila _______________ very much. That’s why she’s so thin.
4. What time ________ you usually ______ breakfast?
5. Thechildren _____________ until 8 o’clock in the morning.
6. My friend Gill _____________ at London University.
7. What kind of books _________ your mother ______________?
8. Jenny _______________ too much television.
 B. Choose the present simple or the present continuous.
1. Jane never has/is having breakfast at home.
2. We learn/are learning English at the moment.
3. This week I read/am reading anew novel.
4. Peter always complains/is complaining about the food.
5. We go/are going for a walk  everyday, but today we stay/are staying in.
6. What time do you come/are you coming back tonight?
C. Put the verbs in brackets in the present continuous or present simple.
1.I’m afraid I __________________ (not understand) what he __________ (say)
2. Who _________ (cook) dinner tonight?
3. Ireally ___________ (not know) what you ___________ (talk) about.
4. ________________ (you/go) abroad this summer? Yes, I ____________ (visit) Italy.
5. What ___________ (you/think) they ____________ (do) tomorrow?
Source: English Grammar - Longman
D. Complete this text about S. Paulo, Brazil, using the Simple Present or the Present Continuous
Everyone ____________ (know) what a megacity___________ (look) like. Take S. Paulo for example. S. Paulo _____________ (be) one of the most densely populated cities in the world. A third of its population ___________ (live) in slums, where their standard of living is unbelievably low.
Today safety in S. Paulo ______________ (get) worse and worse and social discontent _____________ (grow) bigger and bigger. Robberies and assaults _____________(happen) everywhere, everyday.
In an effort to stop violence the government _________ (try) to take stricter safety measures, but things _____________ (not seem) easy to solve.
Adapted from "That's It!" 11º Ano
E. Correct the mistakes in these sentences (Simple Past ).
1. Did you went to school yesterday?  Go
2. We thinked that you were ill.
3. I studyed French at school
4. Mary not workedlast week.
5. What happen to you yesterday?
6. My parents not do the shopping last Saturday.
7. We bought this house ago two years.
8. She mades the beds before leaving to work.
F. Put the verbs in the correct tense: simple past or past continuous.
1. While we were walking (walk) hoe«me, it started (start) to rain.
2. George ________________ (read) the newspaper while his wife_____________(cook) dinner.
3. John ___________ (fall) off the ladder while he ____________ (wash) the window.
4. Sorry  to interrupt you. I _____________ (not know) you __________ (have) lunch.
5. When I ___________ (get up) this morning, my father ___________ (listen) to the radio.
6. Peter ____________ (sleep) in front of the television when someone __________ (knock) at the door.
G. Complete with thesimple past or past continuous of these verbs: take, get, clean, open, play, switch, ring, watch, sing, break, have, start.
1. While Jack was watching television, his wife was cleaning the house.
2. David’s car _________ down so he ___________ it to the garage.
3. The children__________ football when it ____________ to rain
4. I ______________ on the lights because it ___________ dark.
5. WhenI ___________ the window this morning, the birds ____________ outside.
6. They _______________ dinner when the telephone _________________.
H. Correct the mistakes in this sentences.
1.She was sat on the sofa watching TV.                                          sitting___
2. While Peter walked around the park a dog bit him.                           ________
3. I was doing my homework...