Desobediencia civil

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  • Publicado : 10 de junho de 2012
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Let's start my Family History, in 1975 was the first meet of my parents at that time both lived at Ceará and my mom was on the way to pay a promisse in Canindé city. I heard from my grandmother thatshe had to put a special clothes and that day was raining and my daddy as a gentleman put my mommy on his arms and took her to the church without her need to walk in the puddles of rain and mess herclothes and shoes.
From that moment, my father was in love and enlisted the help of a cousin to conquer it, but months later, my grandfather left the state of Ceará and went to Tocantins, doing itmore difficult to conquer, but this cousin was very smart and told him to send letters, cards and others. My father did it for a few years until he decided to meet my mother again in 1981 and ask her tomarry him.
She was very surprise but realized that he was the man of her dreams and quickly said: "Yes". My grandmother said that was very funny because they had to prepare the wedding so fast,because my daddy wanted to live in Sao Paulo to give better opportunities for his family and during this process my daddy chose a photographer, but the guy forgot to go take the pictures, my mother wasdisappointed, because such an important day for them can not be registered. Anyway, they got married and a few days after, they came to Sao Paulo, opened a restaurant and worked for some years together,but the routine was too heavy and my mother became pregnant after two years of my sister in 1983 and my father decided to leave her only at home to take care of my sister. A few more years passed andhe decided to change careers and be a taxi driver, it worked, because until now he keeps this profession.
The dream of my mother was having another child after my sister grew up a bit, but her doctorsaid she would have difficulty getting pregnant again due to problems in the womb, she would have to do some treatments and so she did, and when least expected, 12anos later I was born in 1995 to...