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  • Publicado : 14 de junho de 2012
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Design for Life: Recycled Wine Bottle Tiki Torch
Whether it’s product branding, package design or projects for ourselves, we’re pleased when we find a solution that’s very effective and creative,while keeping resources to a minimum. This idea is very inexpensive (around $5-bucks). And it’s a great way to recycle a wine bottle. See how this  simple idea inspired this brand and wine bottledesign.

It’s been a record year for mosquitoes here in Indianapolis, Indiana and I’d been wanting to add some Tiki-esque torches to the patio to combat the little buggers, and add a little ambiance.After searching the world over to find a torch that was affordable and atypical I came to the conclusion that unless I wanted wicker or bamboo, I needed to be a bit more resourceful. A glance into myrecycling bin and a stroll through the local hardware store was the inspiration for this recycled wine bottle tiki torch.

Try it yourself. Here’s what you’ll need.

1. Empty Wine Bottle (Use anybottle as long as it’s glass and the neck is 1” in diameter. Be clever!)
2. Teflon Tape 1/2”
3. Copper Top Plate Connector (threaded for 3/8”-16 thread rod)
4. 1” Split Ring Hanger(threaded for 3/8”-16 thread rod)
5. 1/2” x 3/8” Copper Coupling
6. 1/2” Copper Cap
7. Two Hex Nuts (threaded for 3/8”-16 thread rod)
8. Two #10 x 1” Zinc Plated Wood Screws (if you’remounting it to wood)
9. 3/8”-16 Zinc Plated Threaded Rod (I bought a 3’ rod and cut it down to 8, 4-1/2” rods with a hacksaw.)
10. Tiki Replacement Wick
11. Torch Fuel (For safety reasons, onlyuse fuel made specifically for outdoor torches. i.e. Tiki brand)
Helpful Tools: Channellocks, adjustable wrench, hacksaw, power screwdriver, and a funnel. For those having trouble locating the topplate connectors they can be found online: Copper, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Iron
Safety Note: This is for outdoor use only. Tiki brand recommends that the wick never be set higher than 1/4-inch,...