Dangerous jobs

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  • Publicado : 18 de novembro de 2011
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The 5 most Dangerous Jobs
Ana Neves António Pita Rafael Oliveria



The work of miner consisting in the extraction of minerals from mineral deposits ormasses.
No qualification required for each job,

A miner earns an average of 55,000 dollars per year,
The most frequent causes of Injury and death are rock falls, fires, entrapment, electrocution andaccidents involving heavy machinery.


The work of a fisherman is to catch fish for food, sale, export etc...

No qualification required for each job,

A fisherman earns anaverage of 40,000 dollars per year.

We consider this a very dangerous, because any time the weather can change, making it unpredictable, also if a fisherman does not need medicalattention proposes that close to a hospital,


A fireman is a professional or volunteer who has training and equipment to erase or minimize fires, rescue people in distress, and help safeguard possessions andprovide assistance in natural disasters.

A fireman per month on average receives about 500 €

To be a fireman is necessary to take a course in first aid, equipment and vehicles maneuver, rescuetechniques and extrication and firefighting and urban forest.

Being a firefighter is very dangerous because they risk their lives to protect people and their property. The main causes of death arefires and landslides houses


The work of a logger is based on chopping wood, planting pine trees, prepare the timber for transport

No qualification required for each job,

A Loggerper month on average receives about 600 €

The dangers of logger are falling tree, the chainsaw, heavy machines and the fact that work away from hospitals.



A police officer is a veryrisky type of work. They are brave enough. The tasks they perform vary depending on theposition occupied. Some of the tasks they perform are watching for places that are frequented by people at...