Da vinci code

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  • Publicado : 9 de abril de 2013
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Da Vinci Code

Nowadays, knowing languages as English is very important because it improves our spirit of tolerance towards other cultures, helps us to get better job opportunities and it alsoprovides a new ability to be in a foreign country and be understood. Learning English is essential, so watching English films is a good way to learn this language.
Despite not liking suspensemovies, I watched “The Da Vinci Code” in my English class in order to improve my English. In my opinion, the film is not so interesting as the book and I didn’t understand it so well.
When I was watchingthe movie, I noticed some differences between the book and the film: In the movie, Robert received the picture of Sauniere’s corpse while he was autographing his books in a university, whereas in thebook he was contacted when he was in the hotel; Sophie found the unseen message in the Mona Lisa written at the bottom right of the painting, while in the book it was scrawled directly across MonaLisa's face; in the movie, Langdon deciphered the code "So Dark The Con of Man" hidden in the Mona Lisa a few minutes after they found it, whereas in the book it took more time; the answer to Teabing'ssecond question at the Château Villette gate was different in the film; Langdon didn’t carefully hide the cryptex under furniture to prevent Teabing from discovering it prematurely the way he did inthe book; in the book, the fact that Sophie was a cryptologist was used to solve puzzled, whereas in the movie, it was only mentioned once at the Louvre; in the movie, Sophie tried to walk on water,and joked about making water into wine, while in the book, there is no reference about it; although Robert and Sophie had some innocent touching moments in the film, they didn’t assume any relationship,whereas in the book they kissed in the end.
After watching “Da Vinci Code”, I realized that watching subtitled English films are very useful because it is an excellent way to get used to the...
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