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Fundamentals- JobAid
Section 6: Using Link Button and Subreport

At the conclusion of this exercise, you will be able to:
Enhance „Using Highlighting Expert.rpt‟ report by creating Link
Buttonand a subreport.
Link button for Business Partner Master
On-demand subreport to display order details
Load & Preview this report into SAP Business One menu using 8.8
Crystal Reports IntegrationFeatures

You want to create a crystal report using Link Button, Subreport features
and Preview this report in SAP Business One 8.8.


Launch Crystal Reports 2008 for SAP Business One

2.From your recently viewed reports, open „Using Highlighting Expert.rpt‟.


Go to „Design‟ View.
Manually insert the Link Arrow icon graphic into the Crystal Reports layout.
Note: Duringworkshop, download linkarrow.JPG from „File pod‟ to your local computer.
Click Menu Insert -> Picture

Select the linkarrow.JPG file that you have just downloaded.

Ensure you insert the linkarrowjust before CardName in detail section. Move the position of all
other fields towards right accordingly so that linkarrow could be inserted before CardName.


Right-click the linkarrow graphicand select Format Graphic.
The Format Editor window opens.

On the Hyperlink tab, in the Website Address field, enter the following string:

Click theFormula button

to the right of the Website Address field.

The Formula Workshop – Format Formula Editor – Hyperlink Text window opens.
In the work area, enter the following string as shownbelow:

Click Save and Close to exit Formula Workshop.
Click OK to exit Format Editor for linkarrow graphic.


Increase the height of Detailsection.
Click Menu Insert -> Subreport

Click on the radio button “Create a subreport with the report wizard”.
Enter report name as “CR-8.8-Subreport-OrderDetails”
Select the checkbox...
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